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Personal achievements:

• lost 50 pounds
• greatly improved fitness level and overall health
• more enjoyment of physical activity
• increased my strength, flexibility and stamina.
• accelerated rehab after major surgery

 How we got there:

 Step 1

Start with personalized assessment model developed through many years of personal training:
• functional movement assessment using a series of simple tests to assess physical strengths, weaknesses and mobility issues
• discuss goals plus likes and dislikes about exercise
• determine motivations (most people can be grouped into two camps: those motivated by metrics, i.e. amount of weight lost, body measurements, etc.; and those motivated by feelings, i.e. having more energy, having more positive emotion, etc.

 Step 2
Design customized program to work on key issues: weight loss and mobility

 Step 3

• Implement program according to lifestyle and goals
• Monitor, discuss progress and adjust, as required for best results

What Nola has to say about her experience:

 "I have been working with Jon for several years and he has helped me greatly improve my fitness level and my overall health and enjoyment of physical activity. He is unflagging in his support and gentle enthusiasm and encouragement. During the period I have worked with Jon I have lost 50 pounds and increased my strength, flexibility and stamina. Recently, I had to have major surgery and my training with Jon took only a short break and then was ramped up carefully and appropriately so that I recovered in record time! According to my medical team, my regular workouts with Jon improved my recovery and I am fitter than before. Jon’s approach is very client-centred and positive and he works with you to achieve the goals that make sense for you. I highly recommend him."
- Nola

Success Story: Sara

 Personal achievements:

• athletic conditioning and performance
• injury recovery and prevention
• increased motivation and commitment to wellbeing

How we got there:

Sarah is my longest standing client. After the initial assessment and strategy were developed, I spent time getting to know her, and implemented a number of tactics to help make our sessions more engaging and goal oriented.

She is very active with high level tennis, dancing, and a variety of other activities, so the workouts are functional and I place importance on being able to address any injuries or issues that seem to inevitably arise when one lives an active lifestyle.

Because she is motivated by numbers, we keep a close eye on progress in terms of amount of weight lifted. She is clear about her likes and dislikes in terms of different exercises, which has allowed me to better serve her needs and keep her more engaged by including what she prefers and eliminating what is not enjoyable.

Here is Sara’s side of the story:

“I first was referred to Jon by a physiotherapist to help me rehab some ongoing foot and knee issues that were diminishing my ability to play tennis on a high level team. He devised a workout program to help ease the stress on my foot and knee but also build and maintain some muscle. I recovered in appropriate time, that was many years ago and I have been seeing Jon as my trainer ever since. He has helped me stay motivated and committed to regular workouts despite a crazy life schedule. Additionally, he has changed my weight training program along the way depending on whether I needed more or less resistance or could increase number of repetitions etc. Most recently I asked for a more cardiovascular workout and so we have started a somewhat different program. In short, he is flexible in his approach, has responded to both my own requests for different kinds of programs or to temporary returns to a more rehab approach. I work with him twice a week most weeks and it keeps me ready for tennis or other sports I participate in”.

- Sara

Success Story: Shane 

Personal achievements:
• overcoming plateaus
• improved strength and performance

 Shane came to me looking for a program that could break him out of a plateau and accelerate gains in strength, as well as shed a few more pounds. He was already working out regularly, so I placed emphasis on a solid functional movement assessment to address any mobility issues that could potentially be holding back progress in strength.

It was also important for me to understand his motivations and to create a realistic program that would get him the results he was looking for.  

Here is what Shane had to say:

“In just our first session, Jon was able to spot problems that were holding me back- and that I hadn’t noticed in years of working out on my own. He made immediate improvements in my form and routine, and it’s been a pleasure working with him since then. He’s a really knowledgeable trainer and a great guy. Highly recommended!”

- Shane

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