I have been working out with Jason for almost four years. He is extremely knowledgeable and and always keeps our workouts entertaining and fun!
The workouts are intense and I always leave our sessions feeling energized and strong. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who is looking to get in shape and improve their overall fitness level.

Yassi Mohseni
MBA Candidate

As I approached middle age I took a long hard look at myself: I had put on over 50 pounds, had restless sleeps, and was constantly tired. I had settled into a sedentary lifestyle, constantly ate fast food, and almost daily would indulge in high fat and high sodium snacks late at night.

I decided to take improving my health seriously and began researching the various options available to help me get there. My primary fitness goals were to reduce fat, manage stress, and increase my overall health while avoiding injury. It had been several years since I worked out and knew that in order to achieve optimum results in the shortest time the guidance of a personal trainer would be a great investment.

I was impressed by the credentials Jason had acquired as well as his private studio where he conducted the one-on-one personal training. After determining what my personal fitness goals were Jason developed a custom exercise regimen based on my capabilities. He also provided me with healthy nutritional guidelines and would regularly monitor what I had eaten and when.

As proper form is critical Jason would ensure that each and every time I was doing the exercises correctly so that my investment of time would yield the maximum benefit while avoiding the potential for injury. As my strength and endurance increased Jason would vary the exercises to keep the workouts interesting and ensure that I kept advancing. I was constantly impressed how rapidly the muscle tone developed and the fat vanished. I averaged a healthy and sustainable fat loss of 2.5 pounds each and every week and experienced a dramatic increase in energy.

I would highly recommend Jason to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

For a job very well done I thank you Jason.

Quinn Wanko
National Accounts Manager
Nestlé Canada


For 3 months (October 2010 to January 2011), I have been blessed to have trained with Jason Gee of Personal Fitness Consulting. 
Before starting the program with Jason, I was attempting to address issues with borderline obesity.  I often went to the local gym and exercised 4 to 5 times a week allocating at least 10 hours of exercise per week (cardio & weight training).  In spite of this, I did not lose very much weight and I did not feel I was accomplishing very much.
When I started sessions with Jason, he evaluated and streamlined my overall goals & objectives (conditioning and nutrition) taking into consideration my heart condition.  He was aware and sensitive to numerous medical issues that I have and set a realistic training program based on that.  Over the course of 3 months, with Jason’s careful guidance and patience, I was able to shed 20 lbs of fat from my body.  This was a huge accomplishment for me as I would never have been able to do this on my own.  Jason also monitored my nutrition levels, body fat, and many other fitness level indicators and set me on a path to healthy eating and exercise.  More importantly, Jason gave me the confidence to continue my exercise regime independently and recognize that losing a lot of weight was not the main focus of the training.  Rather, it was overall fitness level emphasizing strength, flexibility, and endurance.
I feel great now thanks to Jason.  I am continuing to lose weight (without support) by following Jason’s carefully customized training programs and would highly recommended his services to anyone who is serious about fitness and nutrition.
Jason, you did a great job!  It was a pleasure working with you.

David Ohashi

My husband and I have had the pleasure of being trained by Jason Gee for almost 2 years. He is extremely professional, motivating, hard working, knowledgeable and provides us with a varied and interesting program that meets both of our work out needs and goals. I am actually more fit and weigh less than I did before I got pregnant. Our workouts our intense but the results in terms of physical conditioning and increased energy level have been remarkable. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who is serious about improving their overall health, energy level and physical strength.

Chetan Mathur and Clara Angotti

I have been working with Jason Gee since late last year. Like many working mothers with young children, I had put my job, professional and familial obligations and other people before myself. The pounds started creeping on after I turned 40; I ate less but seemed to gain weight. My body did not feel toned. I had little energy. I was motivated finally to do something for myself. I realized that only by caring for myself, could I effectively care for the others in my life. I decided to hire Jason to work out with me after meeting with him.

Jason has been terrific. He brings to his job, a wealth of experience and knowledge. His personalized methods ensure that each and every one of his clients has a routine specifically geared to his or her physical needs. In hiring Jason, my main priority was to alleviate some chronic low back pain that I had been suffering from for several years. Since working out with Jason and the personal fitness program that he has drawn up for me, my back pain has miraculously improved.

With Jason’s exceptional guidance and help, my overall fitness level has improved immensely. He has also provided much needed guidance in the areas of nutrition and goal setting. Jason’s professional manner and his positive attitude have really motivated me to achieve my personal fitness goals. I know with Jason helping me, I am well on my way to becoming a healthier and fit person. I have recommended Jason to a number of friends on glowing terms and will continue to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Wong

I expected working with a personal trainer would be helpful, but I had no idea that it would be as incredible as it is. Joe knows when to push and when to hold me back, how to adjust for limitations and how to work around problems. With Joe, I always feel as if I have had a great workout. It is one of the best things I ever did.

John Tulloch D.D.S.

Hi Jason,

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding the outstanding performance of one of your trainers - Joseph Valtellini. As part of an overall fitness program designed by you, I have been training with Joe every week for more than a year now. Joe has been training me in martial arts, particularly in Thai kickboxing.

Working out with Joe is an absolute joy. He is a charming person and an amazing teacher. His ability to connect with students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as advanced topics, are both truly superior. I envy the students at the high school where he teaches!

When training with Joe, I can see that he is following a plan he has created for me, in each session as well as an overall longer-term strategy. During each session, Joe stays uniquely focused on the task at hand and on progressing to achieve his clients' goals, but he always remains pleasant and polite.

Joe also adjusts his style to his client's goals and personalities. I have witnessed this first-hand because Joe is not only training me, he has also been training my wife. While I am now quite serious about acquiring self-defence and martial arts skills, my wife's goal is to tone her body and lose some weight. Joe works with both of us towards these diverse objectives.

I often tell Joe after a satisfying training session: "this was a win-win situation - I had fun, while also learning a skill (self-defence)", and he then reminds me: "...and you had a full work-out too."

I would recommend Joseph Valtellini without reservation to anyone who is interested in acquiring some knowledge of martial arts, self-defence skills, or just improving their general fitness level.

Tom Broz
IT Project Manager

I’d like to start by saying that I have and will continue to recommend Jason to colleagues, friends and acquaintances, both male and female, both elite athletes and those that would like to achieve their own desired level of personal health, fitness and wellbeing.  

When I met Jason I was overweight and had fallen into a considerable 4 year fitness slump after many years as a dedicated runner and cyclist.  Jason knew that if we weren’t careful I could easily fall off the wagon.  He consistently demonstrated patience when required and in a relatively short time frame had me performing well beyond what I could have achieved on my own.  

Jason embodies the key requirements I was looking for: expert knowledge in the field of personal fitness, timeliness and a real appreciation for delivering quality service.  In short I often feel like I’m Jason’s number 1 priority, which in my opinion is how it should be.  Jason consistently demonstrates his understanding of my requirements and can with real ease customize and update our sessions so that there’s little chance of boredom.  Perhaps most importantly his approach is multifaceted; it addresses nutrition, over all strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance and coordination.   

If I were asked to comment on what differentiates Jason from the rest, I’d have to talk about his significant expertise and real sensitivity to you as an individual.  So all I have to say is that I am very happy to recommend Jason in hopes that others will benefit as I have.



Vanda McLelland

I have been working with Jason Gee for the last three months and am very pleased with the results. This is my first experience working with a personal trainer and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by how successful it has been for me. In addition to creating a program that really works for me Jason has taught me about the connection between exercise, nutrition and weight training. With his help I have been able to lose weight easily and increase my ability to run longer and faster. Most importantly however is the fact that I feel I have gotten my old body back after turning 40 and having children.

I find that Jason is very flexible as well as attentive to my schedule and exercise needs. I like the fact that he has created a program for me that I can do within the time frame of my children’s nap. This is essential for making my exercise program a success….I don’t want getting exercise to be extra pressure – it has to fit with the rest of my life.

Working with Jason is a pleasure. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and knowledgeable personal fitness trainer.

Nelrene Dunleavy

From the time I first met Jason a few months ago, I found him to be very approachable and well-informed about fitness and overall health. He helped me to see that the exercise routine which I had long been following was not what I needed in order to get the results I wanted. With some tweaking from Jason, I was well on my way towards my goals, and what is more, the results are definitely showing! What I liked most about Jason’s method was that he tailored a workout which would work for me, geared towards my specific goals. If I didn’t like a certain exercise, Jason was immediately ready with multiple alternatives. I often e-mailed Jason with questions on fitness, training, etc. .  and he was always quick to respond. This was very helpful and encouraging. I definitely recommend Jason to anyone who is seeking a personal trainer. Whatever your goals, he will skillfully assist and motivate you throughout the process!

Rita Roy

I’ve been training with Jason for close to four months and have noticed a big improvement. Not only do I feel stronger and more physically fit, but working out with Jason is also a fantastic stress reliever.  

I’ve joined several gyms in the past and have tried to work out on my own, but after too many failed attempts I realized that I needed a fitness partner and some help. Jason makes our sessions fun so I never notice the time passing, and he is continually challenging me to advance.

I initially turned to Personal Fitness Consulting to help recover from a back injury.  I was suffering from pain due to a slipped disc and needed to build up my core strength. I was really impressed with Jason’s level of knowledge related to strengthening a person’s core while being sensitive not to aggravate the injury.

Since I’ve been working out with Jason, my back has become much stronger and I’m no longer in pain; and, I feel better overall.

I would highly recommend Jason to anyone who would is interested in improving their overall fitness and health. He’s made a big difference in my life.

Vanessa Eaton

I have worked with Jason Gee for a number of months and have made great progress under his expert training regimen.  Jason is an excellent trainer and always ensures that the training is both effective and interesting.  He has a great manner, is very patient and genuinely cares about my progress.

Jason is very personable and enthusiastic.  He is willing to work with my busy schedule and I can reach Jason easily.  I am very pleased to be able to work with Jason and highly recommend him.

Jason is a great asset and has helped me on my road to health and fitness.


Marianne Zilic

Director, Strategic Accounts, MGPS

I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone looking for some help to get fit. What impressed me most about his approach was how personalized it is. I've joined gyms in the past and they usually assign a "trainer" to give you a program at the beginning. I've always found that they're not very individualized - I assume they give everyone pretty much the same program. Jason geared my program to my goals and limitations.

I was already exercising on my own and he took the time to assess the things that I was doing and found ways to modify them. A lot of small changes made a huge difference to exercises I had been doing for months. Also, upon realizing that I was self conscious exercising in my condo's gym, Jason designed an entire weight program that I could do in the comfort of my apartment with just a few hand weights. Jason watched me do each exercise and when something didn't work for me (i.e. for lack of flexibility) he found a suitable alternative.

Jason also helped me with some very specific goals. I am planning to climb the CN Tower at the end of April and Jason designed a program that I could follow to maximize my performance there.

On top of all of that Jason's just a nice guy who was easy to deal with at all stages. He regularly emails me with tips and to ask how things are going. I like working out on my own but I will definitely have Jason back to tweak my program every month or two and keep me on track!

Yours truly,

Melanie Shulman

Although we have never met, over the last 3 years you have been a great help to my family. After my parents moved into the condo building, my father started to work out in the condo's gym every day. Since he was almost 80, I felt it was important that he be using the equipment properly and have an exercise program designed for him.

From the first time I contacted you, you were eager to help my family.

My gift of your time for my father gave me and my sibling's reassurance that Dad was using the equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Periodically he has seen you over the years to fine-tune his exercise program and make sure he had not picked up any bad habits. He still exercises every morning for close to an hour.

When I realized that my mother was reluctant to join Dad exercising and that this was very disappointing to him, I came to you for help. Since I felt Mom would be more comfortable with a female trainer, you sent Maybelle who was perfect for Mom. After a few sessions, Mom was motivated to exercise every day with my Dad. Not only was this good for her health, it made my Dad much happier as well.

Most recently, I contacted you about my sister. She had been through a very stressful year and was suffering from periodic back pain. By gifting her 3 hours of your time, I hoped you could motivate her to return to a regular exercise program.

Jason, you have done that and more. Not only is she much more enthusiastic about exercising after having worked with you, you managed to help her deal with the pain from an old knee injury that was causing her a lot of problems. It has improved her whole outlook on life.

Both my Dad and sister think you are an excellent trainer - knowledgeable, attentive and, most important, you listen and respond to your client.

Through your e-mails to me, you have shown that you really care about your clients. I am very sorry that I can't take advantage of your skills because I don't live in Toronto, but I am so pleased that you have been able to help my family.

Although money cannot buy good health directly, my gifts of your and Maybelle's time has had lasting benefits for my Dad, Mom and sister.

Thank you, Jason for taking such good care of my family.

Ida Chen

My experience with getfitt personal fitness consulting has been both positive and rewarding. I had been working out, on and off for several years. I even had a few personal trainers in the past who had designed programs for me aimed at reaching my fitness and body image goals. The results were minimal and unsatisfactory leaving me to my own devices to try and reach my goals of toning up and losing a bit of weight.

I saw the website on-line one day when I decided I wasn't able to achieve my fitness goals on my own and I needed help! I was impressed by the website and what getfitt had to offer so I contacted the director Jason Gee. After speaking with Jason I decided to give it a try.
Jason designed a personalized fitness program for me based on my goals and trained me through it. To my amazement my body actually started to transform in a relatively short time frame. He was the first trainer that really knew what would work and be successful for my body. I have been seeing Jason for several months to help maintain my body and keep me on track with the diet and workouts.

Jason's professionalism and knowledge speak for itself. His calm mannerism and professional attitude make me feel comfortable and I look forward to each session I have with him. I actually enjoy working out now and I feel motivated. I never thought it was possible to achieve the success I have and I owe it to Jason. I would highly recommend getfitt to anyone at any level who is looking to improve their body, lose weight or achieve other personal goals. 

Stacey M. Levine, B. A.
Behavior Therapist

Jason has been my fitness instructor for the past 3 months. Jason is an organized, efficient, easygoing, and an extremely competent fitness instructor. His professionalism, patience and his enthusiasm is non-threatening and is a pleasure to work with.

This is my first time in a gym in years and my re-introduction to the gym has been enjoyable. There has been many times where he has proved his qualifications.

I highly recommend Jason as a Personal Trainer; he is a valuable resource for anyone.


Scott Sunday

Jason has trained me over the last three months and he has gently transformed me into a lean and fit person. When I started to train with him, my goal was mainly to loose weight and tone-up a little. I had already tried many gyms and diets without any results except discouragement and monetary loss. I should say that it is the first time in my whole life that I can finally say that I have won the battle of the bulge. I went from on over-weight, gym-allergic busy mother of two and overworked professional, to a thin and energetic person. Jason has achieved a miracle, because I never thought that at 40, I could become fit. He is a great trainer with gentle manners and very attentive to his clients. The one-hour sessions of training go by very fast and I always feel much more energized at the end.

They are far from the boredom of the gyms that I have tried to visit in the past. He truly makes exercise feel fun and I always enjoy talking with him about different subjects during the trainings. He is very knowledgeable about human physiology, exercise techniques and dietary issues, and has guided me intelligently towards good eating habits. Miraculously, I have finally left behind the thought that one has to starve or restrict its alimentary choices in order to loose weight.

This is not just a letter of reference but also a letter to thank him for achieving the unthinkable. I recommend Jason Gee to any person at any level of fitness or age who wants to get in shape, loose weight or climb the Everest. He will get you there without you realizing it. Thanks again Jason.

Lili-Naz Hazrati, MD, Phd 

A few years ago I made a promise to myself that I would finally get healthy, eat right and (ugh) workout. It took me a while, but I managed to change my eating. Working out was another matter altogether. With about 80 pounds to lose, and a long history of being intimidated and embarrassed in gyms and other athletic endeavors, I felt beaten before I started. I paid for gym memberships and home equipment that I never used. Finally, I decided that I needed to make it impossible to not workout. For me that means working out at home with a trainer first thing in the morning three times a week. That’s when I contacted Jason Gee at Personal Fitness Consulting and he put me in touch with Jason Cruz.

I’ve been working out with “Cruz” for about a month and a half now and already I can see and feel an incredible difference. Cruz is patient, knowledgeable, caring and funny! He’s very careful and always takes the time to make sure that I am using good form so that I don’t hurt myself. He’s encouraging and my best cheerleader, but he’s also a hard-nosed task master pushing me to reach further than I thought I ever could. When I’m about ready to quit, Cruz always manages to pull/push/cajole me into giving more. Cruz has been great at changing up my workout so that I’m continually challenged and not bored. Plus he’s been extremely flexible in working around my schedule. I just can’t say enough about the difference that Cruz’s training has made in my stamina, strength and flexibility.

Now, I can run up stairs, without getting totally out of breath. My back and shoulders don’t hurt – even after a long week-end of painting and home renovation. My clothes are fitting better, and my weight is dropping consistently. I’m stronger physically, but more importantly, I’m feeling better about myself and my body. For the first time in my life, I’m beginning to understand what it might feel like to be an athlete and I like the idea! I’ve started to dream of training for my first triathlon and the idea doesn’t seem impossible anymore.

Thank you Cruz!

Abby A. Goodrum
Ryerson University 

My husband and I have been working with Jason since early 2005. I can honestly say that the experience has improved our health, our energy levels and our lives. We are both in our 50’s and came to Jason with no fitness history and very unsure about what to expect or what we could accomplish. To our surprise and delight, the experience has been not only healthy for us but also very enjoyable. Jason is approachable with an easy manner. He sets realistic goals while at the same time pushes us in a gentle way to improve. He is knowledgeable and takes a genuine interest in us from our eating habits to our stress levels. I would highly recommend Jason for those who have a “fear of fitness”, as well as for the more experienced clients. 

Cynthia Sefton

Jason is an excellent personal trainer! Please read on to see why I would recommend his services to anybody who is out of shape and wants to do something about it. 

I am a 55 year old male who has been a couch potato all his life. During most of 2003 and 2004, I was severely ill, could not eat, and had lost almost 50 pounds. Following successful surgery in the fall of 2004, I could eat again, but was extremely weakened. In addition, I have a chronic condition in my spine similar to arthritis, causing aches and pains in my back and neck. 

I had thought many times (even years ago when I was healthier) about hiring a personal trainer but somehow I always thought it was something only movie stars did. Later, I realized that that even “regular” people could benefit but somehow, I always seemed to put it off. However, after my surgery, when even my physicians urged me to become more active, I finally decided I would investigate the trainer route. 

Searching in Google, for “personal trainer, Toronto”, Jason’s company came up near the top. The inquiry I left on their website was answered promptly by Jason. During our initial meeting and through some subsequent research, Jason found out as much as possible about my condition and customized an exercise program for me. Twice a week he shows up at my place full of enthusiasm and we spend an hour working out. 

I never thought exercise could be fun; in fact I always hated just the idea of it. But somehow, Jason has managed to make it fun. He constantly varies the routine, and has even been teaching me kickboxing which is really a lot of fun. During each session, he pushes me just hard enough for the exercise to be effective, but not to the point of exhaustion. He is also constantly checking that I feel no pain, and that I am not injuring myself. 

I have been working out with Jason for about several months now, and have noticed a tremendous improvement already. While I am no Mr. Universe (yet!), I now have muscles where I never had muscles before - biceps, shoulders, chest, thighs, and even stomach, which had been cut and re-cut during numerous surgeries. My back is less sore now, and, I am much less tired and more energetic than I have ever been (even 20-30 years ago), and I also feel more confident. 

Although hiring a personal trainer is not cheap, I now think of the money needed for the lessons as an investment and as the most important outlay after food and shelter. If I had more money and more time, I would hire Jason three times a week instead of twice. 

I have read somewhere that “you can be 50 until you are 80”, and that the main ingredient of making this happen is exercise. I have decided to try and make it happen in my life, and Jason is helping me accomplish this goal. Thank you Jason! 

Tom Broz, 
Senior Project Manager, 

Hi Jason, 
I just wanted to let you know about how much of a difference that Heather Claus has made for me.  I am really happy with what she has taught me(exercises, nutrition, etc.). I've been working with her since January 2004 and am starting to notice a difference in the way I feel and look.  My husband mentioned that I have more energy and am happier.  I definitely feel better!  

Thank you Heather! 
Thank you Personal Fitness Consulting! 
Nancy Steffan

Jason is a fabulous trainer!!

I am an overweight woman. The term Couch Potato doesn't even begin to cover it. When I started thinking about a personal trainer, I was intimidated. Everyone I know who has one seemed to be pretty fit already. The opposite of me!!! I would walk up a fight of stairs -get instantly short of breath -and think I'd done enough cardio for a month. My heartrate used to skyrocket at the mere mention of the word exercise. I had tried other things, but finally came to the realization that only changing my eating habits and exercising on a regular basis would provide the long lasting results I was looking for. I'm intimidated by the gym (although I've had a membership for years!!) and am self conscious to begin with. Now add to that a trainer who is male and my age, and the intimidation level really rose!! That is...........until I met Jason.

Jason made me comfortable immediately. He's caring and compassionate. His professionalism and expertise in his field allowed him to see beyond what I was, and see the potential of what I could be. He always works within my own physical capabilities, while giving me an excellent work out, increasing stamina, strength and fitness.. He tries to incorporate things that I like to do, so the liklihood of me doing it on my own and continuing with it are high. He constantly works with me around my shift work, and ever changing schedule, while keeping in mind when I am most physically capable (I'm not a morning person!!). Jason also looks at the whole package -we've looked at my sleep patterns and eating habits, as well as developing an exercise plan. Jason constantly changes my work out to try to keep it fun and interesting, while still working on my problem areas. So far I've lost 10 inches!! And stairs are a breeze!!!

Above all else, Jason makes me feel like it's not just my battle anymore. I have a long way to go, but providing I make the changes that are necessary, and do the work required, I know I'll get there. It's a lot easier with Jason's encouragement and guidance to help me along the way.

I would highly reccommend and strongly encourage anyone interested in personal training services to hire Jason Gee. It's the best thing I've ever done.


Lesley Knights, RN

I have been using the services of Personal Fitness Consulting this past year and have been happy with both the results and the relationship.

I have worked with both Jason Gee and Tanya Takeuchi. Both Jason and Tanya are knowledgeable and skilled at what they do. Jason was very insightful in recommending I try yoga to compliment my workout. With Tanya, the yoga has proven to be very beneficial. Tanya is disciplined, skilled and passionate about yoga. On a personal level, I find Tanya to be an inspiration. Her approach in helping me find that balance we are all looking for.

I value their intuitiveness in assessing my needs. As a team, they are hardworking, encouraging and inspiring.

Nella Walker
Sample Studio
Principle Owner

When Jason arrived at my home for our first consultation, I looked at his
medicine ball and rubber tubing and thought to myself "How difficult could this possibly be?" After an hour, as I lay drenched in sweat with a big smile across my face, I realized that he had just given my body the wake-up call it needed. I was hooked.

There's something about Jason's caring, patient, almost Zen-like demeanor that makes you want to sweat it out for HIM, although he will insist, and quite rightly, that you have to "do it for yourself". Regardless, those who are just starting out on the path of physical fitness need all the extra support and motivation they can get, and Jason provides it in a calm, reassuring way.

Today, I am about 3 months into my PFC fitness program, and I haven't felt this strong in years. I'm performing better in my work, my overall outlook on life has improved and I'm confident, after many false starts, that physical fitness has finally become a permanent fixture in my life. In fact, I'm anxious to finish this letter so I can get to the gym before the
after-work rush!

Thank you, Jason!

Craig McConnell
Sonic Engine Music

Jason Gee has been my personal fitness instructor for the past 4 months. Throughout my association with Jason he has shown to be extremely professional, punctual, and very committed to his work. His dedication and drive is of the utmost standard. He has great follow up skills as well as being extremely motivational. He is quite intellectual and definitely shows to be the type of individual who is capable of accomplishing anything he puts his mind to. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jason and continue to recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

Any further queries may de directed to me at 416-469-3480

Carmela Nigro
Training Professional

This letter serves as a reference for Mr. Jason Gee, Fitness Training and Nutrition Consultant. As a gift from one of his clients, I received four training sessions with Jason. By the fourth session I was so impressed with my progress under Jason's direction that I immediately reserved another series of sessions for myself. I now consider myself to be a regular client. To say that I am merely satisfied with the results I have achieved since working out on a regular basis with Jason Gee would be understating my success. With Jason's instruction during the past two months I have attained my personal goals and objectives. Moreover, I am motivated to continue with my program, and well-positioned to achieve my six-month and first year targets. Jason's balanced approach to fitness and nutrition have been the key to my success. He has been carefully tracking my progress through a variety of media, including photographs, measurements, and charts. For his knowledge , enthusiasm, dedication and skill, I would highly recommend Jason Gee to anyone interested in weight training and fitness.

Steven Endicott
Stratford Festival Corporate fundraiser

This is to provide you with my personal experience and overall pleasure in having Jason Gee as my personal trainer. I have been working out with Jason now for the better part of two years and have enjoyed my association with him thoroughly.

I started working out with Jason following years of physiotherapy that only provided limited benefit after I experienced a severe back injury. Through a focussed and carefully crafted work out regime, Jason was able to provide me with the ability to better manage my bouts of back pain and discomfort and reach an overall level of mobility I had not enjoyed before.

In addition, combined with a diet regime that has me feeling and looking the best I have in years. I strongly recommend Jason to anyone who needs a knowledgeable and wonderfully capable gym trainer.


Leonard Wise
Account Director
Dates Canada Inc.

Jason is a dedicated trainer who listens to my needs, concerns and …….bad jokes. Through his direction of proper diet management and weight training I am able to see solid results. Always ready with a quick smile, he is both professional and courteous who is patient yet challenges me to excel and strive for the results I am capable of. I would recommend Jason as a personal fitness consultant for those who want a trainer with a relaxed style, who motivates and aims to achieve all your objectives.

Darragh Phelan
Darragh Phelan Desigh Co. Ltd. 
Interior design

When I started training with Jason Gee more than two years ago the whole thought of joining a gym was absolutely intimidating yet alone having a personal trainer. However, Jason made the transition extremely "painless".

As a professional with my own business, time is very important. Jason arrives to each session extremely enthusiastic with a specific plan and a set realistic goal for the future. I really like his results focused training.

Also, his knowledge of personal nutrition is extremely important and always a valued part of every training session. There are many personal trainers and very few good ones - Jason is one of the best! 

Keith Rushbrook
Partner II by IV Design Associates Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jason Gee over the past 2 ½ years with measurable results. From my initial fitness assessment and subsequent assessments, Jason's consistent focus on my evolving fitness goals has resulted in my achievement of my established objectives. (My personal milestone was losing 2½ inches from by hips and 2 months!) Jason's feedback, encouragement and reality checks, have helped me keep those objectives realistic when I was too critical of my perceived "lack of progress".

I appreciate his efforts in improving my program and keeping it interesting while pushing me to the next level. Jason's approach to fitness excellence is supportive yet tough, encouraging, never patronizing and very patient. As a former size 12, I can definitely say I am proud of my size 4 body. I would not have been able to achieve the dramatic results without Jason's guidance. I would recommend Jason highly to anyone seeking focused, physical results. 

Laura Feltz
Staffing Consultant Manulife Financial

Two years ago I was diagnosed as having severe osteoporosis. While I am grateful for the fine medical care I am receiving, I feel that the sessions with Jason have fueled my determination to halt any further deterioration. In fact I have improved my bone density thanks to Jason's expertise of individual health care. Exercise is a must, especially for seniors. I know it keeps you mentally alert and prevents further health problems. Jason has truly helped me in understanding how to live a healthier life. Today I shall be completing our first 20 sessions set - I cannot thank him enough for his dedication to help me overcome my health problems. His knowledge and encouragement have been a godsend. 

Joeanne Suziyama

I'd worked out on my own for several years, but wasn't satisfied with the results. I approached Jason with the intent to help me with my fitness goals. Jason developed a comprehensive program for me, involving weight lifting, cardio and diet guidelines. The program targeted the body areas I wanted to alter. It was also updated consistently so that I could achieve optimum results.

Jason provided encouragement and friendly "coercion" to get me through each workout and emphasized to be consistent with my exercise program. I lifted weights and progressed to a level of strength that I would not have otherwise tried to obtain. I noticed significant changes within 2 months, and now a year later I am close to the ideal physique I'm aiming for.

Brian Katz
North York General Hospital
Clinical Social Worker